What Is Classical Education?

Interested in learning more about Classical Education? The following links (offsite) will help you explore the topic. (Please note: we do not necessarily endorse or put into practice everything in these essays.)



Classical Lutheran Education Journal (The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education)

"Beyond the Buzz Words: What is Classical Education?" (Jackquelyn Veith)

"What is Classical Education?" (Dr. Susan Wise Bauer)

"An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents" (Dr. Christopher Perrin)

"The Lost Tools of Learning" (Dorothy Sayers) 

Classical Christian Education: A Complete Guide for Parents   (The Ambrose Group)



Classical Lutheran Education: a Family Perspective (Faith'n'Family, Worldwide KFUO)

Why classical Lutheran Schools are a good choice for education. (Faith'n'Family, Worldwide KFUO)

"Recovering the Intellectual Virtues" (Dr. Christopher Perrin)

"School as Schole (Leisure and Contemplation)" (Dr. Christopher Perrin)


Additional Suggested Reading:

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