Upper School Students Reflect on the Learning Process

What do students make of the learning process? It was fascinating to ask the students to reflect on their own education.

Here is what some 5th and 6th graders had to say:

"In history, we are learning about the Phoenicians and we made purple dye. I like that we are doing things that the people we are learning about did." - 5th grade

"In logic we learn all about many fallacies such as ad hominem, special pleading, and appeal to the people. Learning these fallacies has made us think a lot more before we speak." - 5th grade

"I am learning about the Phoenicians. I realized that they changed a lot and were reasonably modern. They invented our modern day alphabet and glass blowing. They were also top grade traders." - 5th grade

"Science has taught me not just the scientific method and how to analyze and interpret experiments, but skills that apply to life also." -6th grade

"Out of all the subjects my favorite is math. We are reviewing common denominators...Thank you!" - 6th grade

Notice the jump between these students and the 7th and 8th graders, who fully immersed in the dialectic phase, answer the same question by moving beyond the factual to speak more philosophically!

"Today has shown me the difference between fake happiness and happiness from the Lord. Singing happy songs in the present and just being positive may help one day but when you're unhappy, who will help you then? If your happiness is from Jesus then your delight is in the Lord and all His creation. That kind of happiness will never fail." - 7th grade

"I have learned how to speak up and say what I think. I am a very timid person and in discussions you just have to start by saying something." - 7th grade

"I have learned many things, but I have really enjoyed the debates and conversations." - 8th grade

"Literature makes me think. It makes my moral compass work." - 8th grade

"I've learned how to work together with other people to collaborate on ideas." - 8th grade

"When I first came to ILS, I was having trouble with math but thanks to Mrs. Grizzard and Mr. Schultz, I am enjoying math and doing well. I now look forward to all my math classes." - 8th grade

"ILS has taught me how to think in all different ways, to look at things in different perspectives, and most of all to recognize that I'm not always right. I have learned to open my mind to different opinions during discussions." - 8th grade

Teachers are students, too! Keep an eye out next week for what the faculty have been learning.

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