Upper School Student Leadership Opportunities



Our Upper School teachers work diligently to develop unique programs and extra activities for students, which supplement the daily work inside the classroom and provide opportunities for Immanuel's students to live out their vocations as student leaders in the upper grades. An excellent example of this is the Leadership Training for the young men in the 5th through 8th grade. Led by Mr. Schultz, the Leadership Training provides opportunities for these young men to learn about becoming good leaders and how to be men of God. During the season of Advent, the young ladies in the 7th grade have taken the initiative to lead and organize an effort to serve their neighbors by preparing special treats for the community.


By Mr. Aaron Schultz, Upper School Teacher

Leadership Training (LT) happens once every two weeks and is for the 5th through 8th grade gentlemen. It takes place in my classroom and no girls are allowed; in fact, one gentleman will guard the door so that no one enters.

Our LT theme verse this year is from Psalm 18:29 -

"For by you I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall."

As we study this verse, we endeavor to instill the truth that 'By Him' all things are possible. We've had arm-wrestling competitions and have done 'death crawls' (which aren't as dangerous as they sound). We talk about how to be live out our vocations as student leaders, following Christ's example of love and service to our neighbor.

The gentlemen have enjoyed our time together, and have benefited from these small group activities and disucssions.


By Miss Abigail Clevenger, Upper School Teacher

Advent is a time for Christian fasting, prayer, and good deeds. In the spirit of the latter virtue, the 7th grade ladies have been hard at work this week, preparing little “blessings” for Immanuel neighbors, teachers, and servants of the school.

Voluntarily giving up most of their lunch recess periods, these young ladies organized and planned out an extensive baking project, brought in their own recipes, and shared their domestic skills in baking up a storm of cookies and candies. Other Upper School ladies also helped package and assemble the treat bags. On Friday, the 7th grade girls will distribute the little “blessings” to the Immanuel community.

Through the course of the project, the girls have demonstrated cheerful spirits, generous attitudes, and diligent work ethic—one young lady even came in early before the Advent service to finish cleaning up the dishes!

Truly we have learned the beautiful lesson that it is more blessed to give than to receive.


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