Students versus Parents Soccer Game

By Mr. Aaron Schultz, Upper School PE Teacher

This month in PE, our Upper School students have been practicing our soccer skills. The students have been working hard for the past few weeks on their dribbling, passing, and shooting. 'Creating space' when on offense has been a main focal point.

To conclude our season of soccer, I wanted to organize a surprise "Big Game" for the students to demonstrate the skills they had been mastering in class. Without telling the students, I invited parents to join us for a final match, students versus parents.


The chilly morning didn't stop a great group of parents from showing up, ready for an intense game. The students were very shocked and enthusiastic to see many moms and dads dressed and ready to challenge them in the Big Game. After a solid warm up of stretching, and a review of the rules, the game began.

IMG_0644IMG_0646 (2)

It was a fierce game, with both the students and parents demonstrating some strong soccer skills on both offense and defense. The students scored first making it 1-0. The parents, however, struck back late in the game to knot it at 1 apiece.

IMG_0666 (2).JPGIMG_0680.JPGIMG_0664.JPGIMG_0662 (2).JPG


The parents didn't let up at all. From the start they didn't plan on taking it easy on the students just because they were younger. In fact, several parents could be heard saying, "No mercy!" Also, as evidence of the parents perhaps over-enthusiasm, the adults kicked the soccer ball over the fence three times (not supposed to do that)! The students did not kick it over at all. So I guess in that regard, the parents lost 0-3.

Thanks again to all the parents who joined us for a very fun morning!  


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