Students Attend Bach Consort Noontime Cantata Concert Series

Bach 3

On December 2nd, for the third year in a row, ILS Upper School students took a field trip into the city to hear the Noontime Cantata Concert Series performed by the Washington Bach Cantata at the Church of the Epiphany. The featured Cantata was Sehet, welch eine Liebe, and featured Gi Young Kim on the organ playing Bach’s Prelude and Fuge in E Minor, BWV 548.

The Washington Bach Consort was founded by Music Director J. Reilly Lewis in 1977 with a mission to perform to the highest artistic standards the music of J.S. Bach and his Baroque contemporaries. This professional chorus and orchestra is recognized for its performances of 18th Century music on period instruments. More information on the Washington Bach Consort and the Noontime Cantata Concerts is available online.

Bach 2


Following the performance, ILS Music Teacher Miss Emily German commented, “The Bach Consort is truly a one of a kind, world-class ensemble. They beautifully capture the endless inspiration of Bach's compositions with one stunning performance after another. To attend one of their exquisite concert offerings speaks volumes of the musical appreciation of both our student body and our larger Immanuel community. Maestro Lewis introduced us to the entire audience prior to the start of the concert, warmly praising our students' presence and how it demonstrates that both old and young alike can wonder at the genius of Bach and enjoy excellent classical music. It reminded me of what Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967) once said: "A child is the most susceptible and the most enthusiastic audience for pure art; for in every great artist the child is alive - and this is something felt by youth's congenial spirit."”

Students were also asked to share their reflections on the performance.

"What I enjoyed most from this performance is how the singer and the instruments told a story musically. It surprised me how the organist did such an intricate piece." - 8th grade student

"I was surprised by how high the singers could go, how beautifully the organ played, too!" - 5th grade student

"I enjoyed the chorales 'What Is the World to Me' and 'Jesus, Priceless Treasure.'" - 6th grade student

"I enjoyed the German singing and was surprised how high the men could go." - 8th grade student

"I enjoyed the performance greatly, and I enjoyed seeing the techniques used by the cellist." - 8th grade student

Students were also asked to explain how this cantata, albeit written for the 3rd day of Christmas, reminds us of Advent. One student wrote:

"The purpose of Advent is to wait for the Lord. I think number 2 (the chorale: "All This He Has Done for Us") reminds me of Advent because it talks about all that he has done for us because he loves us, as in being born as a baby in a sinful world." - 7th grade student


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