Six Questions with Mrs. Winterstein


1. What do you teach at ILS/what is your role at ILS?

I teach all second-grade subjects excluding PE, Music, and Latin. I am also the lead teacher for the Lower School.

2. What does classical education mean to you?

As a student and a student teacher, I was not classically educated. Not to be dramatic, but when I was called to Immanuel and continued my learning in Classical Lutheran Education, I found everything I was looking for.

3. What is your favorite thing about ILS?

The way the community has helped and shaped me, both professionally and personally. Here is where many of my most important vocations have begun and continue to grow; teacher, wife, friend, congregant, student, and the hands-down best swing-pusher in the Northeastern United States of America.

4. Who was one teacher who inspired you?

The choir director of my high school choirs was my favorite teacher, but I wouldn't have been able to sufficiently explain why in high school. After seeing education from this side, I know the traits she daily exhibited were those of a master teacher: love for her students, mastery of the content, consistent expectations for both academics and behavior, and the ability to promote within her students a wonder for beautiful music. Dr. Spencer was also responsible for introducing me to my favorite piece of chorale music ever, O Magnum Mysterium, complete with the Latin meaning and sacred significance; "Oh Great Mystery!" Only Google it if you are ready for some goosebumps.

5. What is your favorite book? (What book has most inspired you?)

I have many favorite books for many reasons, but the one I'm closest to memorizing is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Shout-out to the wonderfully thoughtful parents-of-second-graders who gave me a beautiful bookmark decorated with symbols from the novel for Christmas!

6. Please share one thing families wouldn't already know about you.
I used to be cooler, and more musically inclined. I participated in the All-State Jazz choirs when I lived in Arizona, and played "Golde" in Fiddler on the Roof. Perhaps "cooler" isn't the correct adjective...

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