Six Questions with Miss Leithart


1. What do you teach at ILS/what is your role at ILS?

A normal day for me involves exploring the humanities, sciences, and mathematics with the joyful fourth graders.

2. What does classical education mean to you?

Classical education seeks to teach children what is good, true, and beautiful through a traditional and Lutheran lens here at Immanuel Lutheran School.

3. What is your favorite thing about ILS?

I love how much music, stories, and poetry drive our teaching and learning. From our singing in chapel every Wednesday to our chanting Latin jingles, our days are filled with rhythm and melody, and I love that.

4. Who was one teacher who inspired you?

When I was a senior in high school, my A.P. Literature teacher was most influential. He not only taught me how to put my grammar to use but also instilled in me a true love for written words. His enjoyment of literature was simply contagious! I later majored in English in part because of his influence in my learning.

5. What is your favorite book? (What book has most inspired you?)

I have to choose only one? At this moment, I'll say Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson, is one of the most beautiful novels I have read recently. Lessons in loving others fill the pages of this epistolary novel. I ought to reread it soon.

6. Please share one thing families wouldn't already know about you.

So far in my life I have traveled to eight countries. Traveling is just the greatest, and I hope to increase that count!

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