Six Questions with Miss Fleming


1. What do you teach at ILS/what is your role at ILS?

I get to spend my days writing, reading, singing, and learning poetry with the 5 and 6-year-olds! In other words, I teach Kindergarten.

2. What does classical education mean to you?

Classical Lutheran education beautifully trains hearts, minds, and souls at a level appropriate to a student's ability.

3. What is your favorite thing about ILS?

I love that whole school learns the same passages by heart, joins together in chapel, and sings the same hymns every week. What a wonderful way to keep us all united!

4. Who was one teacher who inspired you?

I've been blessed to have many wonderful teachers throughout my life. One that was unexpectedly inspiring was a physics professor I had in college. He looked like Einstein, which probably helped, and would come into class with a joy for the subject and a desire that we all share that joy. Despite somewhat dreary conditions - a classroom in the basement, meeting early in the morning, class spent learning about equations - this teacher was simply overcome with wonder for what we were learning about. His awe at the world and his simple yet thought-provoking questions inspired us to wonder as well.

5. What is your favorite book? (What book has most inspired you?)

I'm going to assume it is cheating to say the Bible and instead still cheat by saying an author instead of a particular book: Shakespeare. I love how the bard teaches through stories. I have found great advice in his stories and know I still have so much more to learn from them.

6. Please share one thing families wouldn't already know about you.

I de-stress by standing on my head in Miss Kloha's office. It's oddly relaxing. :)

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