Polar Vortexes? Arctic Blasts? Blizzards? Snow Days? -- Special Guest Janice Dean Visits ILS

On Thursday, November 13, Immanuel Lutheran School was thrilled to host special guest Janice Dean on campus. Ms. Dean is author of two children's books, and works as senior meteorologist for the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. Students and faculty really enjoyed this excellent opportunity to meet and hear from an expert in her field, and someone who uses and applies science in her career on a daily basis.


In the morning, Ms. Dean entertained the lower school students reading her latest children’s book, Freddy the Frogcaster and the Big Blizzard. The second in Ms. Dean’s Freddy the Frogcaster series, the book is an engaging resource for initiating conversations about science for students. Students also helped make rain, got to see what a green screen is (including what happens if you try and wear green in front of the green screen!), and learn more about Ms. Dean's vocation as a meteorologist. Students also enjoyed an lively dialogue with Ms. Dean about her book, weather, and what we might expect in terms of snow (and snow days) this winter!


Among the excellent questions, ILS 3rd grade student Aria Ullman asked Ms. Dean what makes the perfect snow-ball snow, while 1st grader Scott Taylor asked how soon we might see snow in our area.

Ms. Dean finished her session by happily signing copies of her book that ILS students had brought with them.

IMG_0545 DSCN1252.JPG

Following her reading, Ms. Dean joined ILS upper school students for an engaging question and answer session on a variety of topics, including science, weather and meteorology. Students came prepared with excellent questions about how hurricanes are formed and how storm categories are measured, how humidity impacts the weather and our bodies, and if it is really possible for meteorologists to predict weather far into the future. Students also enjoyed asking Ms. Dean about the process of writing a children's book and were surprised to learn it is a longer and more challenging process than they expected.

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Ms. Dean shared with us afterward, “Today, at ILS I was amazed by the students’ interest in weather and science. Every time I do an event at a school it reinforces for me how important it is to explain things to kids and to read to them.”


More coverage from the event is available from Red Brick Town as well as on the Fox News Weather Blog.Thank you again to Ms. Dean for travelling to Alexandria and spending so much time sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for weather and science with our students at ILS! We look forward to more such opportunities throughout the year.


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