One thing I'm thankful for...


God's gift of music. My husband and I both grew up listening to great choral and instrumental music and learned to sing in our Lutheran elementary school. What a joy it is to be part of a community of staff, students, parents, and congregation members who delight in this amazing gift. – Ms. Julia Habrecht, Headmaster

I'm thankful that my husband FINALLY agreed to the ritual of coffee drinking with me every morning before we start the day. – Mrs. Katherine Hull, Upper School Lead Teacher

I’m thankful to be getting married to my best friend in March!!! – Miss Ruth Kloha, Special Assistant to the Headmaster

I am thankful for the PTL! (said during the incredible Thanksgiving lunch feast on Monday) – Miss Rebecca Chin-Yee, Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

I am thankful for dancing (and parents who provide wonderful Thanksgiving lunches)! – Miss Molly Leithart, 4th Grade Teacher

I am thankful that we were so successful at finding a new Kindergarten teacher to replace Melissa Pauling. Now if we could only replace her at first base on the softball team! – Mr. Todd Foust, School Board Member

I'm really, really thankful for chocolate-covered raisins. Yes! – Miss Emily German, Music Teacher

Teaching Latin. – Miss Abigail Clevenger, Upper School Teacher

I'm thankful for the four Fs ... faith, family, friends, and football. – Mr. Aaron Schultz, Upper School Teacher

I am thankful for my husband and two sons. I am truly blessed to have a husband who inspires me every day to be a better person, citizen, mother, and wife. I am thankful for his presence in my life and for his being the very best father of our two sons that I could have ever hoped for. My sons are my greatest joy, and I am ever so thankful —every day— that they are alive and well. (I am also thankful for ILS!!!) – Mrs. Laura Veprek, PTL Secretary

I am thankful for my husband, Geoff, who makes my breakfast and packs my lunch most mornings before school. – Mrs. Anastasia Krumwiede, 3rd Grade Teacher

I truly despise the sappy, saccharine nature of this one...but in this first year of marriage, I can't help it. I am most thankful for my husband, Jonathan. – Mrs. Katherine Winterstein, 2nd Grade & Lower School Lead Teacher

I am thankful for construction companies that break ground on time! – Mrs. Mary Stirewalt, PTL Vice President

I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of professionals every day who truly care so much for the students they teach and the families they partner with in educating those children. That, and I’m thankful that my husband will be doing most of our Thanksgiving cooking! – Mrs. Whitney Work, Director of Advancement

I am thankful for my esteemed colleagues whom I am honored to call my friends. – Mrs. Laurie Honig, Jr. Kindergarten Teacher

I am thankful for our generous community of parents and all they do to support our students and faculty each and every day! – Mrs. Anne Merchant, PTL President

I am thankful for family. – Mrs. Karen Gorr, 1st Grade Teacher

I am thankful for snow! – Miss Amy Fleming, Kindergarten Teacher

I'm thankful for Immanuel Lutheran School for giving me the opportunity to teach such wonderful children. – Coach Sparks, Lower School PE

I am thankful for our friends and community at Immanuel and that our building project is moving forward. – Mr. Ryan Work, ILS School Board Member

I'm thankful for the love of the Immanuel community. Last year, the Silent Auction was the day after Carl died, and I asked Pastor if he thought I should go. He told me yes, that was the community that loved me and supported me, and he was right. – Mrs. Priscilla Cook, ILS School Board member, carpool line greeter, and former ILS Teacher 

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