Music Moment with Miss German

German School

By Miss Emily German, ILS Music Teacher

"I bind unto myself the name
The strong name of the Trinity..."
(Lutheran Service Book #604, st. 5)

Our Hymn of the Year, "I Bind unto Myself Today," sets the tone for our 70th academic year with strong and vivid imagery of the temporal and eternal blessings we receive when we "bind" this name, the name of the triune God, i.e. the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to everything we do as believers.

Students across the grades have worked diligently in learning and memorizing the Hymn of the Year (also known with much endearment by some of the youngest as "that binding song," recognized whenever we cross our arms for the first motion!). That we may daily sing about our identity with the name of the Triune God is indeed a blessing and gift that we will gladly celebrate throughout the year.

In addition to our Hymn of the Year, students learn our Hymn of Week. Every week you can find the text of our hymn on the Immanuel at Prayer sheet. Parents and friends are also encouraged to join us in singing our hymn during weekly chapel on Wednesdays at 11 am.

Across the grades, the start of the year is always full of learning and reviewing good singing technique. We sing mindfully with solfege ("do, re, mi, fa . . . "), good posture, tall vowels, and full breath support. As part of the Church, students are daily learning about their voice's place in the company of all believers. We put this into practice during the months of October and November when various groups of students join together to sing portions of the hymns and psalm alone as a kind of chapel choir during our weekly Matins service (Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m.).  We hope you can join us for these services and appreciate these singers' efforts as they lead and participate in the Church's song!


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