Lower School Students End-of-Year Reflections

Our school year is ending, but our students (and teachers) have made many wonderful memories during this past year. We asked our Lower School students to think back about the year and tell us some of their favorite memories. As you head into summer break, we hope you enjoy this little look back and remembering with us some of the things that they most enjoyed!


Jr. Kindergarten Reflections

My favorite was making new friends.

JK Friends

I liked learning about the Roman empire. 

I loved learning about the ancient Egyptians.

Learning to tell time!

2011-01-01 00.00.00-119

My favorite thing was erupting the volcano!

I really liked going to chapel with Pastor.

 photo 1 (6).JPG


Kindergarten Reflections

I liked science and learning about flight.

My favorite was when we went on field trips and rode the yellow bus!




I liked going to lunch bunch and singing.


I loved it when we got to do art and color.

My favorite thing was when we would celebrate all of our class birthdays.

I liked when people came to our class and read to us.

Fleming Reads to K

I liked pizza Fridays.

The best was when the mad scientist came to our classroom because he was funny.

Mad science

I liked seeing Ms.Chin-Yee everyday!


1st Grade Reflections 

I liked taking the MAPs Test.

I liked learning our math facts.

1st grade

My favorite thing was going on field trips. 


I got to meet new friends and play with them at recess.

I loved running in the relay races at track and field day.


I really liked building stuff with my friends during indoor recess.


2nd Grade Reflections

2nd grade library

I enjoyed reciting poems to the Jr.K class.

My favorite thing was when we did reading buddies with the Jr. Kindergarteners.

I liked taking my MAPs test.

I loved learning about WWII and space.

2nd grade reading

My favorite parts were learning about history, and I also liked science.



3rd Grade Reflections

I really enjoyed Lutheran School's Week!

LSW photo 

I thought that the first day of school was really fun! I liked seeing my friends and teachers!

I liked learning our memory for the week.

My favorite thing was coming back to school and getting to see my old friends and make new ones. I also really enjoyed graduation vespers.

I really liked track and field and competing in all of the events with the upper school.


The best part was being put into House Teams for field day.



I liked indoor P.E with Coach Sparks and playing dodge-ball.

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