Kindergarteners Learn Russian

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Immanuel's Kindergarten students have been studying Russia, and today they enjoyed a special guest from 6th grader Olivia Minjack, who shared her knowledge of the Russian language and culture.

Olivia speaks Russian, and prepared cards for the Kindergarten students with their names written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Students learned how some letters look the same in Russian and English, but that they sound very different. They all enjoyed practicing rolling their "Rs" for the Russian letter "P!" Olivia then impressed the class by reciting the Lord's Prayer entirely in Russian.

In addition to learning more about the language, Olivia had brought several Russian nesting dolls to show the class. She explained how the original nesting dolls had been brought over from Japan, but that they were designed as ugly, old men. The Russians decided to instead make them beautiful figures, which is what many of us recognize today. Students particularly enjoyed how tiny the last doll could be in each set.

Thank you to Olivia for taking the time to share with Immanuel's Kindergarten students!

11-21-14 K Russian visit

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