In their own Words: What is Captivating our Students this Week?

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There are many projects underway in the third quarter, and many things with which to be fascinated. Our Upper School faculty recently asked students what is captivating them this week. Enjoy their responses!

I like learning friction in science. Miss Leithart told us to ride our bikes and pull the breaks to see how friction stops the bike. Friction is a force that you can use to stop movement. - 4th grade

We are learning about state capitols; I enjoy all the fun ways to remember the states and their capitols. - 4th grade

I learned about graphing and created a hammer picture on my graph. It was very challenging to write the coordinates, but fun. - 4th grade

I enjoyed learning about the 7 wonders of the world. We even got to try drawing one! - 5th grade

In art, I liked learning about drawing with 2-point perspective. This is because we could use it to draw any kind of house we wanted, even some really modern ones! - 6th grade

The factor tree in math particularly was enjoyable this week. - 5th grade

I found that studying the slippery slope and part-to-whole fallacy was interesting. - 6th grade

One of the things that I enjoyed most this week was learning how to find the volume and surface area of a cylinder in math. I enjoyed this because doing that is challenging, which makes it fun. - 7th grade

Something fascinating I learned? Studying the elements of society. - 8th grade

One thing that I liked about this week was that in music, we flipped through the hymnal to find hymns we liked and got to play them with the bells. - 7th grade

It was fascinating to learn that William Golding, the author of our book, thought of himself as a bully when he was growing up. I enjoyed reading this week. - 8th grade

One thing that I enjoyed learning about this week was the Constitution. There was an agreement to ratify the Constitution, then some years later, a Bill of Rights was added. This was modeled from George Mason's Virginia Declaration of Rights. - 8th grade


What have you been learning this week?


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