ILS Alumni Reflections

Kylee at ILS

By Kylee Honig, ILS Class of 2011

I was extremely nervous on my first day at Immanuel Lutheran School. Having recently transferred from a public middle school where my experience had been less than ideal, I was not looking forward to starting over my eighth grade year. However my fears were soon put to rest. Everyone was extremely welcoming and eager to help me adjust to the new environment which put me at ease and allowed me to fully enjoy my time there.

Over the course of that year I made many joyful memories, which I am here to share with you today. My very first Oktoberfest experience at ILS was one that I will never forget. I have never seen so many lederhosen and bratwurst in one place! Although it was new to me, I had a great time and was even able to employ my German language skills. Now it’s an event that I look forward to and attend annually.

I also loved participating in Lutheran Schools Week because it allowed me to work closely with other students from lower grades. Our ability to work together despite our differences in age opened my eyes to the community that Immanuel Lutheran had built and upheld.

While the various events, field trips and performances were exciting, my fondest memories were those spent with the students and faculty. The love and dedication the students and teachers had and still have for each other and the school made Immanuel Lutheran School a truly special community to be a part of; something I still cherish to this day.

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