7th & 8th Grade Reflections from the 2014-2015 School Year

The school year is coming to a close, and tonight we will honor our graduating 8th grade students during our Graduation Vespers Service. As we count down to the end of the year, our teachers and students share some of their reflections from the year: favorite memories, how they've grown, and what they are grateful for. Today, our 7th and 8th graders share their look back at the year. You can find reflections from our 4th, 5th & 6th graders in our previous posts.

Mr. Schultz reflects:


What an amazing year it has been!! This group of 8th graders is certainly a special group, and I will miss them immensely. So many precious memories were made from the past school year, which I will hold onto and cherish. I'll never forget the boys arm-wrestling and doing the bear crawl in the classroom, and the ladies beating the boys in scatterball. The students never cease to amaze me by their intellect, curiosity, and general love for learning. What a special group of students we have at Immanuel Lutheran!

Students reflect on their favorite memories:

photo Day of Service.JPG

One of my favorite memories this year was, by far, our class trip to Hemlock. The team building activities were a great opportunity to bond and learn how to be there for others with strong support. Remember how the girls brought so much candy it covered one entire bunk?

Basically, I enjoyed all of the conversations this year. We discuss these hard words like 'knowledge' or 'leadership' and try to define it and understand it in class. We have great conversations as friends too.

Going on the zipline at Hemlock! It was really great when all of my friends were cheering me on and encouraging me to do something that I was scared about.

I have two. First, the Chili Cookoff. All the 7th and 8th graders talked, played games, and made our friendship stronger. Second, our last hike at Hemlock, when I talked to people I didn't know as well.

National Lutheran Schools week was fun. I really liked having a less structured week, but everyone also got to bond in their houses, and I got to know other kids I didn't before.

Like everyone, one of my favorite memories this year was going to Hemlock. It's pretty amazing that after six years, I'm still learning about my classmates. It was pretty fun when the girls stayed up until 2:00 am talking about how we've grown and changed.

Students reflect on how they've grown:
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One of the ways I am changing is that I'm learning it's okay not to stress out over every detail, especially because I'm a perfectionist. You still need to apply yourself, but at some point you have to let it go.

One of the ways that I have grown is through my faith. I have become closer to God in my prayers. Pastor Esget's theology classes have been experiences to grow, talk, ask questions, and learn. I thank him for being a good Christian leader.

Over the years at ILS, I have gotten so much better at learning and have also been leaving my comfort zone more and more. I have learned not to give up so easily.

I am finally getting better at studying alone and I have been developing a better work ethic when it comes to homework and my organization.

I am getting more able to speak in front of people, compared to six years ago when I didn't even like talking to people, let alone in front of them. I am also able to acknowledge when I'm wrong, even though I was very stubborn. I am more open-minded.

My knowledge of how the universe works has grown considerably. Physics is extremely complicated. In ways yet unknown to me, I think this has made me humbler.

Students reflect on who they're grateful to:

US Trip

I will always be grateful for Mr. Schultz. When I first heard about him, I thought I wouldn't like him because his biography on the website said he was a Giants fan. Well, I was wrong - he really is a wonderful person and a great teacher.

I am grateful to Carter, Cliff, and Alex. They are great friends who I intend to stay in touch with.

I am grateful to all my teachers, but especially Miss Clevenger. She always makes Latin for the 7th grade fun, whether we are translating, doing Latin art, or even sometimes bringing in treats. Her personality is fun to be around and her love for God shines through her teaching.

Mrs. Hull. She has taught this class and me so much that we can use throughout our life, whether it's school or everyday situations. She is a good confidant, and takes time out of her busy schedule to help us. She has also dealt with our crazy class, so thank you.

I am grateful to my mom because she helps with my homework and many other things. She helps me calm down when I am getting stressed.

All of our teachers help us learn, and stay patient with me when I ask a lot of questions about projects.

The whole class: we help each other when someone needs it, and we all push each other to do our best.


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