5th & 6th Grade Reflections from the 2014-2015 School Year

Our 2014-2015 school year is quickly coming to an end, but our teachers and students took a moment to share some of their reflections from the year. We hope you'll enjoy reading about their favorite memories, how they've grown, and what they are grateful for. Today, we hear from our 5th and 6th graders. You can read more from our 4th graders on yesterday's blog.

Miss Clevenger reflects:

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As I reflect on the past academic year, many precious memories of hard work and laughter come to mind. In particular, I truly enjoyed teaching the three 7th grade ladies Latin in our “Oxford style seminar” class thrice a week. Because of the small class size, we were able to delve into fun embodied projects and serve the school by baking cookies for our neighbors and translating Madeline into Latin to read to lower school classes. I also loved watching the 4th and 5th graders grow tremendously this year in their ability to spot translate Latin sentences—nothing makes my heart sing more than watching young minds grow in confidence to read a “foreign” language! In the older grades, discussions in 7/8 history never failed to challenge my own thinking on big topics. The 7/8 graders are asking truly important and difficult questions, and I was so inspired by their love for learning and sense of humor and fun which constantly brought a smile to my face. Personally, I’m grateful that this year I’ve grown in a love for Lutheran theology and deepened friendships with the other ILS faculty and parents at the school. I thank God for Immanuel and look forward to summer rest and returning in the fall! Dominus vobiscum.

Students reflect on their favorite memories:

One of my favorite moments of the year was science camp. From laughing with my friends and dad on the way there, to pranking the girls, to playing ga-ga ball with other schools, it was awesome.

I love participating in debates because not only do I get to talk a lot and share my views, but I am learning to listen to what others say.

One of my favorite memories this year was the scatter ball competition. It was fun, and our house learned how to work together to win.

I found it really fun to be with my friends, slow down, and just be happy.

My favorite memory this year was when Mrs. Hull brought Odie to school and I was able to help take care of him.

Some of my favorite memories this year were my Latin tests. It may sound strange, but Latin has a way of catching my attention and it's like a code that others can't understand anymore.

Students reflect on how they've grown:

photo 4-4.JPG

One of the ways I have changed is being a leader. The younger students (somewhat) look up to me.

I think I've grown this year in a few different ways. I'm learning to be more aware of the things around me, and I'm learning to look ahead instead of just focusing on the present.

I have grown by obviously getting more knowledge, and my basketball skills have improved.

When our class joined 6th grade this year, things changed. I have learned to work with different students and teachers. I always felt comfortable with just my class before, but this was a really fun year.

I have grown closer to God since I came to this school, and especially all the chapel services are nice.

I have learned about logical fallacies, which I had never even heard of before this year.

I have really changed my views about writing this year. I never thought that I would get better at it, and I never liked it. Then, I was assigned the last chapter in the Class of Awesome book, and I was so surprised at how hard and fun writing is.

Now I finally know what I want to major in for college. Big Data, a field in mathematics.

Students reflect on who they're grateful for:

P1030958.JPGI am grateful for my awesome parents who are loving and kind and push me to do the best that I can. They are supportive and I love them. I would like to give a special thanks to my mom for correcting my math homework every night after I go to bed.

I am grateful to Mr. Schultz for being a great teacher and showing me important math skills, even if I didn't think they were important at the time. It all makes sense to me now.

I am grateful to Drew, John and Justus. They let me help them out when they needed it with their artwork for the Class of Awesome.

Someone I am grateful to is Gabriel, for being a great friend and for being there for me when I needed some help.

I'm really grateful to my teachers because they've helped me learn a lot this year. Not just lessons, but also morals. I'm also grateful to my parents for a) raising me, and b) putting up with me!

My parents are always there to help me! My teachers are always kind, and my friends are helpful and good to me, especially if I'm sad or in trouble.

Lily was always there to comfort me when I was down and she always helped me with homework and explained things to me.

This is the first year I am just grateful for what I have, because there are so many kids in the world and history who have great trials.

My teachers have given a lot into teaching, and I know it can sometimes be hard to get students organized in general. My mother read through all of my drafts for the Class of Awesome and helped me edit them.

Thank you to my teachers, Vicar, and Miss German, for giving me the most knowledge-filling year of my life!



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