2015 Graduation and Awards Vespers Service

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Immanuel Lutheran School celebrated its annual Baccalaureate Vespers Service, recognizing the graduating 8th grade class of 2015, along with other student achievements for the 2014-2015 school year.




"It is so thrilling to see our 8th grade scholars graduating," commented Upper School Lead Teacher Mrs. Hull. "For the past four years, our Upper School faculty have worked with these individuals just about every day. They are becoming strong students. They exercise the humility needed to learn by acknowledging to themselves and others: "I don't know, but I'd like to." They study with diligence, and are learning how to express their ideas with clarity as well as how to truly listen. They think deeply and aren't afraid to ask big questions and examine complicated answers. They are approaching competency in Latin and logic, and excel in their mastery of mathematics. This knowledge of material is necessary and valuable. But what is better? The ability to learn for oneself, and our students have that. More than that, we love the kind of people they are: diverse, enthusiastic, full of personality, and good to those around them. They have been a joy to teach and study with, and we are deeply proud of them. May the Lord bless them richly in their high school years and beyond."


Class of 2015 Graduation Service


Upper School Teacher Mr. Schultz added, "What an amazing year it has been!! This group of 8th graders is certainly a special group, and I will miss them immensely. So many precious memories were made from the past school year, which I will hold onto and cherish. The students never cease to amaze me by their intellect, curiosity, and general love for learning. What a special group of students we have at Immanuel Lutheran; and what a special group of 8th graders were sending on to high school!"

Awards were also bestowed for Latin Achievement, Excellence in the Fine Arts, and Christian Citizenship.

  • Lily Hurt (8th grade) was recognized with the Award for Outstanding Latin Achievement. Last year's award recipient for this was Josie Foust.
  • The Rachel Erin Lewis Award for Excellence in the Fine Arts was presented by ILS parent, Mr. Aaron Lewis in honor and memory of his sister, Rachel Erin Lewis. The innaugural presentation of this award was presented to Rebecka Stark (7th grade) for interest and achievement in the fine arts.
  • Carter Brown (8th grade) was honored with the Clifford Leroy Prosser Good Samaritan Award, which is presented annually in honor and memory of former ILS student, Clifford Prosser, to a student who displays a benevolent, kindhearted, caring and Christ-like Heart. The award includes a monetary gift, which the recipient is charged with donating to a charity of their chosing. Previous recipients of this award include Jake Crim, Justus Ullman and Jeffrey Yates.
  • The Ralph and Lola Behrens Award for Christian Citizenship, which is given each year in memory of former ILS headmaster Ralph Behrens and in honor of his wife, Lola Behrens, herself a long-time ILS teacher. This recognition is presented  to a student who exhibits Christian love and service to their neighbor, and was this year awarded to Rebecca Boyd (8th grade). Leah Honig received this award last year.

As our graduates prepare for the next steps in their own academic journeys, they shared with us some final thoughts and reflections on their time at ILS. Please join us in wishing our graduates all the best for continued success, and we hope you will all come back and visit us often!

"My 8th grade year has been the best year at Immanuel Lutheran School. My class is like a family, and like a family, we have our rough times and good times. But the good always outweighs the bad." -Rebecca

"This year was a great finale! I have enjoyed these past nine years, and I am very grateful for my parents, friends, and teachers. Thanks to Immanuel, I am very well prepared for high school." -Carter

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Immanuel. My class has been like a great big family, and I'm going to miss spending time with them. My friends have been so encouraging to me. My teachers have been so great in helping me with my studies." -Leah

"With enough determination and good people, anything can be accomplished. Thank you Immanuel!!" -Jake

"After two years I can truthfully confess that there hasn't been a day when I haven't enjoyed my class's company." -Cliff

"I have greatly enjoyed the past nine years, all of the memories, teachers, classes, and friends. I have had a wonderful education here at Immanuel, and I don't think any school can beat it." -Alex

"Immanuel has been a second home for me. This is my family. There might have been a few bumps in the road, but with my friends, teachers, and family, the rest of the road is a smooth ride. I will always remember the life I had here." -Alicia

"In my time at Immanuel I've grown closer to God, and I've grown to love learning." -Savannah

"ILS is like a home to me, and it always will be. It has taught me so much about what life really is, and how to live it in God's eyes. I will miss it so much, but I know it has prepared me for high school as well as the rest of my life." -Lily

Graduation Cake

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