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Reflection on Leisure by Miss Fleming

Is it possible to enjoy leisure while surrounded by thousands of tourists? This is the question that Miss Fleming asks in her reflection on leisure, the latest in our summer series....Read More

Reflection on Leisure by Mrs. Krumwiede

This week's leisure reflection is from Mrs. Krumwiede, who was able to incorporate her love of Latin into a recent visit to the National Gallery of Art in DC. Enjoy her commentary on how Latin allowed her to find joy in higher things and provided the freedom to self-educate....Read More

Reflection on Leisure by Mrs. Stone

Our summer series of faculty reflections on leisure continues today with an update from Mrs. Stone, our special assistant to the headmaster. Mrs. Stone shares how even when we plan for leisure, it doesn't always happen as we planned, and yet we can still find meaningful connection to higher things....Read More

Reflection on Leisure by Mr. Schultz

As we continue our series of faculty reflections on leisure, today we hear from Upper School teacher, Mr. Schultz. In his reflection on summer leisure, Mr. Schultz highlights how his vocation as husband and father, in addition to reading and thinking, provide moments of unique contemplation every day....Read More

Reflection on Leisure by Miss Clevenger

Our school faculty this summer is taking time to discover, practice, and share our own pursuit of leisure as we seek to observe and contemplate the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. Over the summer months, we will be sharing their reflections here on the blog as our faculty relate their efforts and thoughts on the topic. We continue our series with Miss Clevenger's reflections on leisure......Read More

Reflection on Leisure by Miss German

Our goal as a school faculty this summer is to discover, practice, and share our own pursuit of leisure as we seek to observe and contemplate the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. Please stay tuned to the school blog throughout the summer to read reflections from various faculty members about their efforts and thoughts on the topic. We begin with Miss German’s reflection on Music and Leisure....Read More

Latin Camp - And the Importance of Language Learning

This week students have enjoyed Latin Camp at Immanuel. Miss Clevenger, Mrs. Krumwiede, Miss Fleming, and Miss Chin-Yee have done a magnificent job connecting the Latin world to Holy Scripture and its application to our life today. Why is language learning important? There are significant theological reasons that language is important....Read More

The Pursuit of Leisure

It's been a busy two weeks at ILS since school ended for the year. Faculty and staff gathered last week to reflect on the year past, plan for the year ahead, and simply enjoy one another's company. Our work week included a number of enriching and engaging opportunities. Most importantly we gathered for Matins, led by Pastor Esget. Mrs. Hull led us in a session where we were prompted with questions to help us grow in the classroom and in our relationships with students and parents. Miss Clevenger prepared a hands-on exercise, challenging our notions of what beautiful and inspiring classrooms look like. Mrs. Winterstein led our final session on the pursuit of leisure. Read more from her below and watch the ILS blog for more on this topic, all summer long. ...Read More

Field Day 2015

Our mission at Immanuel Lutheran School is to nurture minds, hearts, and bodies of students. Our annual Field Day events are a perfect example of the third part of this trio, as students have been working in their P.E. classes throughout the year to prepare for the fun competitions during Field Day. Led by Mr. Schultz in the Upper School, and Coach Sparks in the Lower School, students were ready on June 3rd for a fun-filled day with some friendly, but still intense competition in a wide variety of events. ...Read More

Lower School Students End-of-Year Reflections

On this last day of the 2014-2015 school year, our students were asked to look back on the many wonderful memories made during this past year. We asked our Lower School students to think back about the year and tell us some of their favorite memories. As you head into summer break, we hope you enjoy this little look back and remembering with us some of the things that they most enjoyed! ...Read More

2015 Graduation and Awards Vespers Service

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Immanuel Lutheran School celebrated its annual Baccalaureate Vespers Service, recognizing the graduating 8th grade class of 2015, along with other student achievements for the 2014-2015 school year. Awards were bestowed for Latin Achievement, Excellence in the Fine Arts, and Christian Citizenship....Read More

Baccalaureate Vespers 2015 Sermon

Read the sermon from the 2015 Immanuel Lutheran School graduation ceremony....Read More

7th & 8th Grade Reflections from the 2014-2015 School Year

The school year is coming to a close, and tonight we will honor our graduating 8th grade students during our Graduation Vespers Service. As we count down to the end of the year, our teachers and students share some of their reflections from the year: favorite memories, how they've grown, and what they are grateful for. Today, our 7th and 8th graders share their look back at the year. You can find reflections from our 4th, 5th & 6th graders in our previous posts....Read More

Summer Schole Plan

Parents, are you beginning to think about the summer? At school, the faculty are hearing about all the exciting plans ahead: vacations, trips to the beach, and a seemingly endless list of summer camps. How fun! Why not include a purposeful time of schole each day? This is something the whole family can take part in, as a way to supplement already current reading lists and continue the cultivation of the mind, heart, and soul. ...Read More

Sneak Peaks into our Upper School Classrooms!

Our Upper School students and teachers had a busy and fun week last week with class trips. Check out our Facebook page for more photos from those trips. As we gear up for the final few weeks of the school year, the Upper School teachers share their reflections on some recent lessons....Read More

Alumna Profile: Caroline Yates

Do you ever wonder what our ILS alumni are up to now? Where are they in school? How do they feel ILS prepared them for high school and beyond? We've started a new series of Alumni Profiles, where we share some insights from some of our more recent graduates and how they are doing now. We're pleased to continue this series with Caroline Yates, ILS Class of 2014. Caroline writes, "I have had an amazing year at West Potomac High School. Besides doing well in all my honors classes, I managed Girls Volleyball in the fall, and I am currently managing Girls Soccer. Managing is a ton of fun; I get to handle all the paper work, keep the game book/stats, and I am counted as part of the team. I have also continued learning piano and participating in Girl Scouts by doing community service projects." Enjoy our latest Alumni Profile with Caroline!...Read More

Six Questions with Mrs. Cook

This week, our Six Questions are answered by a very special member of the Immanuel community. Mrs. Cook, who today welcomes students in the carpool line each Wednesday morning, has been a part of the Immanuel community for almost 75 years, ever since her family moved to Virginia in 1940. Alumni will remember Mrs. Cook from her years teaching at ILS, and she continues to serve on the ILS school board. We are so blessed to have Mrs. Cook as a part of our ILS community!...Read More

How to Find Your Vocation

What should you do with your life? Are your choices and actions aligned with God’s will? Are you ever restless, anxious, frustrated, or unfulfilled in the everyday stuff of life? Christians...Read More

Curriculum Corner: Math is Beautiful

Each week, our "Curriculum Corner" provides a look into our classrooms, and how our classical curriculum is implemented at each grade level. This week, Mr. Schultz, our Upper School Math Teacher, shares his insights on how math is beautiful, but also how he works to simplify math for students to help improve their understanding, allowing them to better see the inherent beauty in math....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Miss Leithart: Integrated Unity

Classical education understands all knowledge as unified and integrated. It nurtures and instructs the whole person insofar as you deal with not just technical but moral issues. In fourth grade, students learn to perceive this integrated unity even while practicing the technical aspects of writing....Read More

Six Questions with Miss Malcolm

Today, Miss Malcolm shares her responses to our Six Questions. A junior at Hillsdale College studying Philosophy and Politics, Miss Malcolm is joining us at ILS this semester for a Classical Education Apprenticeship. The second teaching apprentice we have hosted at ILS, Miss Malcolm is spending her time primarily teaching in our Upper School, with a focus on history....Read More

In their own Words: What is Captivating our Students this Week?

There are many projects underway in the third quarter, and many things with which to be fascinated. Our Upper School faculty recently asked students what is captivating them this week. Enjoy their responses!...Read More

Curriculum Corner - The Logic Stage

Each week, our Curriculum Corner provides more information on our classical Christian curriculum at Immanuel. A classical curriculum is guided by the three phases of learning known as the trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Last week we reviewed key principles of the grammar stage. This week, our Curriculum Corner explores the logic, or dialectic stage, which follows the grammar stage....Read More

Thank you for supporting ILS!

We are truly grateful for the generous support of so many parents, grandparents, alumni, the Immanuel congregation, and other friends of ILS! Your support directly benefits our students, teachers and school in many meaningful ways that can be seen in our classrooms and all across our campus....Read More

Alumna Profile: Kylee Honig

Do you ever wonder what our ILS alumni are up to now? Where are they in school? How do they feel ILS prepared them for high school and beyond? We're starting a new series of Alumni Profiles, where we'll be sharing some insights from some of our more recent graduates and how they are doing now. We're pleased to start this series with Kylee Honig, ILS Class of 2011. Kylee is now a senior at T.C. Williams in Alexandria, preparing to head to college, most likely at Christopher Newport University, in the fall. She is active on the school yearbook, as well as in the Key Club and Psychology Club. Many in our ILS community still know Kylee as she is the daughter of our Jr. Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Laurie Honig, she also keeps busy serving many of our families by babysitting....Read More

Six Questions with Mr. Hemingway

ILS School Board member, Mr. Mark Hemingway, tackles our Six Questions this week. Mr. Hemingway is a Senior Writer for The Weekly Standard, and with his wife, Mollie, has two daughters at Immanuel. ...Read More

Curriculum Corner - Grammar Stage

Immanuel Lutheran School uses a classical model of education. But what does that mean? A century ago, there wasn’t a variety of competing educational options. The principles of classical education were practically universal and had been the educational standard for centuries. In a nutshell, classical education differs from modern approaches in that it seeks to promote wisdom by teaching children how to think and learn for themselves. By contrast, modern education spends too much energy and effort simply telling kids what to think....Read More

Six Questions with Mrs. Honig

This week, Immanuel's Junior Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Honig, shares her responses to our Six Questions. Mrs. Honig earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from Longwood College. With previous experience as a preschool teacher, Mrs. Honig is noted for her natural warmth and sincere care for the students, staff and families of Immanuel. She is known for daily encouraging young minds and strong collaboration with parents. Mrs. Honig and her husband are the proud parents of four children, including two Immanuel graduates. ...Read More

Curriculum Corner with Miss German

ILS music teacher Miss German shares her thoughts about teaching music at a classical Lutheran school in this week's Curriculum Corner....Read More

Six Questions with Mrs. Techau

This week, Mrs. Techau, our Assistant Teacher in the Jr. Kindergarten classroom, shares her responses to our Six Questions. Mrs. Techau has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of South Florida. Previously, she enjoyed working in the field of journalism. Mrs. Techau delights in God's creation and her passion for the natural world is evident in her leadership of the ILS Garden Club each fall and spring, as well as her beautifully manicured gardens at home....Read More

Annual Mother-Daughter Tea

On Saturday, Upper School mothers and daughters, along with faculty and other special friends, gathered for the second annual Mother-Daughter Tea. Graciously hosted and coordinated by Miss Clevenger, with the help of the faculty, the event was a lovely opportunity for the community to gather, partake of delicious refreshments, fellowship, and conversation....Read More

Six Questions with Mr. Foust

For our Six Questions series this week, we hear from Mr. Todd Foust. Mr. Foust is an elected member of the ILS School Board, where he serves on both the Finance and Teacher Call Committees. He is also father to two ILS students....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Mrs. Hull: Literature

Curriculum Corners provide a deeper look at aspects of our classical curriculum at Immanuel. This week, our Upper School Lead Teacher, Mrs. Hull, shares her joy in teaching literature to our upper school classes as she explains how quality literature changes us. ...Read More

Dr. Perrin Presentation: Why Small Classical Schools are Making a Big Impact

On Thursday, February 19th, Immanuel Lutheran School welcomed classical education consultant, Dr. Christopher Perrin, for a conversation with the community on "Why Small Classical Schools are Making a Big Impact." Parents, faculty, upper school students, and others from the community gathered for a dialogue about the growing movement of small classical schools throughout the country and the benefits of small schools. ...Read More

Six Questions with Pastor Esget

This week, Pastor Esget shares his responses to our Six Questions. Pastor Esget has served as Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church since 2001, in addition to serving as Superintendent of Immanuel Lutheran School. Before coming to Immanuel, Pastor Esget served at Bethel Lutheran Church, DuQuoin, IL, where he was ordained in 1998. He attended Concordia Theological Seminary (Fort Wayne, IN) where he earned the Master of Divinity degree and the Master of Sacred Theology degree. Born and raised near Minneapolis, MN, Pastor Esget pursued his love of music with classical piano studies at Augsburg College and the University of Minnesota, acquiring his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Music, summa cum laude) from the Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA). Pastor Esget and his wife, Kassie, have one son, James. ...Read More

Six Questions with Mr. Schultz

Upper School teacher, Mr. Schultz responds to our Six Questions this week. Growing up in California, Mr. Schultz attended Zion Lutheran School from Kindergarten through 8th grade. After receiving his degree in elementary education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Mr. Schultz taught 5th grade and served as the Athletic Director at St. Paul Lutheran School in New Orleans. In 2011 Mr. Schultz completed the LCMS School Leadership Development Program. Before coming to Immanuel, Mr. Schultz served as the principal of Redeemer Lutheran School in Denver in addition to his teaching responsibilities in 7th and 8th grade. Mr. Schultz and his wife Katie live in Alexandria with their sons, Canon and Benjamin....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Mrs. Winterstein

Each week, our Curriculum Corners offer a look into different aspects our classical curriculum at Immanuel. This week, Lower School Lead Teacher, Mrs. Winterstein, explores what it means to teach writing classically, journeying from the beginning stages with our youngest writers in Jr. Kindergarten, through the Lower School, and onwards through the upper grades. ...Read More

A Look Back at National Lutheran Schools Week

Last week, Immanuel Lutheran School students and faculty celebrated National Lutheran Schools Week. The national theme was Standing in Christ, Serving Others: Mercy Forever. Throughout the week, students and teachers discussed the theme of service towards others, and participated in a variety of special activities. Annual favorites included Drop Everything and Read Day, as well as Teacher Swap Day. Students had the chance to dress as an individual who serves our community, and hear from others who serve our community as police officers, nurses and military medical professionals. We hope you enjoy this look back at our week-long celebration!...Read More

Curriculum Corner with Miss Fleming

Our Curriculum Corner provides a weekly glimpse into our classrooms at Immanuel. Faculty share, in their own words, aspects of our unique classical Christian curriculum and how that is put into action in their classrooms. This week, our Kindergarten Teacher, Miss Fleming, shares why we teach poetry to our Kindergarten students....Read More

Drop Everything and Read Day

A favorite tradition at ILS during National Lutheran Schools Week is Drop Everything and Read Day. Students and teachers alike enjoy the opportunity for spontaneous reading breaks throughout the day. Whether a favorite book from home, or a new selection from the classroom library (or even finishing The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for Thursday's PTL Book Discussion), lots of great reading is happening around campus all day!...Read More

Welcome Miss Malcolm!

We are excited to announce that Miss Kristin Malcolm, a junior at Hillsdale College, is joining us at Immanuel this semester for a Classical Education Apprenticeship. Miss Malcolm is the second teacher apprentice ILS has hosted, and we are thrilled to welcome her to our community. Please join us in welcoming Miss Malcolm and be sure to say hi when you see her around campus!...Read More

National Lutheran Schools Week

The national theme for this year's National Lutheran Schools Week is Standing in Christ, Serving Others: Mercy Forever. This annual community building celebration allows us an opportunity to give thanks that we are able to hear and proclaim the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ, day after day, at ILS. We are grateful for the mercy Christ first showed us by His atoning sacrifice on the cross for all of mankind. In response to His great love, we respond to one another with mercy....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Mr. Schultz

Every Monday, our "Curriculum Corner" offers a deeper look into our classrooms with additional insight into the classical curriculum at Immanuel. This week, Upper School teacher Mr. Schultz explores what it means to teach science classically, acknowledging God as the creator of all, and science allows us to delight in the joy and wonder of the complexity of His creation....Read More

Six Questions with Mrs. Gorr

This week, Immanuel's Called first grade teacher, Mrs. Gorr, answers our "Six Questions." Mrs. Gorr graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a Bachelor of Arts in Russian and Spanish, and earned her Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language from American University. She also received her Education Specialist Degree in Reading Education from the University of Virginia. Mrs. Gorr especially enjoys teaching reading, and helping students learn about God’s love for them....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Mrs. Honig

This week, Mrs. Honig, Immanuel's Jr. Kindergarten teacher, takes over the "Curriculum Corner" to offer some insights into the classical curriculum for our youngest students. From exploring beauty and truth through beautiful art work, to learning how to draw, Mrs. Honig demonstrates how art and drawing is incorporated across subjects in the Jr. Kindergarten classroom....Read More

Teachers are Students, Too

Last week, our Upper School students shared their reflections on the learning process. Our teachers are students, too! They were recently asked to share some of the things that they have been inspired to learn about in recent weeks. Enjoy their responses!...Read More

Six Questions with Mrs. Winterstein

Lower School Lead Teacher, Mrs. Winterstein, answers our "Six Questions" this week. Mrs. Winterstein is Immanuel's Called 2nd grade teacher and a member of the Society for Classical Learning. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in Language Arts from Concordia University Wisconsin. She has previously worked as an ABA therapist for children with autism and demonstrates a passion for advocating on behalf of students with special needs. ...Read More

Does the imagination matter?

Does the imagination matter? In education, parents and teachers desire confirmation that the education they are giving to their children is a quality one. Data is often what parents and school turn toward: what are the test results? What is the acceptance rate? What high schools and colleges are students matriculating into? These points of data are good and helpful, certainly informative. A teacher would be a poor teacher if they did not care about ensuring academic progress and growth in their students, and lack of excellence would generally be clear in the data....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Miss Clevenger

Our "Curriculum Corner" offers a sneak peek inside the classrooms at Immanuel Lutheran School. Each week, a faculty member highlights an aspect of our classical Christian curriculum. This week, Upper School Latin teacher Miss Clevenger shares some insights into the Latin program for Upper School students at ILS....Read More

Upper School Students Reflect on the Learning Process

What do students make of the learning process? It was fascinating to ask the Upper School students to reflect on their own education. Read today's blog post for some of their thoughts on what they are learning. ...Read More

Two January Open Houses

Interested in an excellent academic environment that nurtures your child’s mind, heart, and body? Immanuel Lutheran School is a classical, Christian Academy serving students in grades Jr. K through 8 in Alexandria, Virginia. If you are interested in seeing for yourself what Immanuel has to offer, we would love for you to attend one of our open houses. Our next open house is scheduled for Thursday, January 15 starting at 9:00am at our campus on Russell Road. We are also holding a special Middle School Open House on Friday, January 23rd at 9am. This program will be geared for families looking at fourth through eighth grades and will offer an opportunity to meet current students, as well as recent ILS graduates and their parents. ...Read More

Six Questions with Miss German

This week Miss German answers our "Six Questions." Miss German serves as the music teacher for all grades as well as the Director of Parish Music for Immanuel Lutheran Church. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in German and Church Music from Valparaiso University, and is currently working on the completion of her Master of Arts in Religion with a concentration in Biblical Languages from Concordia Theological Seminary. She enjoys sharing her love of music and passion for the rich musical heritage of the Lutheran church with her students and the entire Immanuel community....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Miss Leithart

Each Monday, our "Curriculum Corner" highlights a unique aspect of the classical, Christian curriculum at ILS from one of our faculty. This update also provides greater insight into what is happening in our classrooms. In this week's "Curriculum Corner," 4th grade teacher, Miss Leithart, shares the joy of reading, explaining how the literature curriculum in fourth grade introduces students to the narrative before their eyes and uncovers literary elements so that they might learn to cherish written words....Read More

Upper School Student Leadership Opportunities

Our Upper School teachers work diligently to develop unique programs and extra activities for students, which supplement the daily work inside the classroom and provide opportunities for Immanuel's students to live out their vocations as student leaders in the upper grades. An excellent example of this is the Leadership Training for the young men in the 5th through 8th grade. Led by Mr. Schultz, the Leadership Training provides opportunities for these young men to learn about becoming good leaders and how to be men of God. During the season of Advent, the young ladies in the 7th grade have taken the initiative to lead and organize an effort to serve their neighbors by preparing special treats for the community. ...Read More

ILS Middle School Open House

Interested in an excellent academic environment that nurtures your child’s mind, heart, and body? We invite you to attend a Middle School Open House Friday, January 23rd, 2015 at 9:00am. Join us to learn more about the 4th through 8th grades at Immanuel, a preparatory academy cultivating the minds, hearts, and bodies of students through classical education and Lutheran catechesis. Our program will include a welcome from our headmaster and Upper School Lead Teacher, presentations from current students, as well as thoughts and reflections from recent ILS Alumni and parents. ...Read More

Six Questions with Mrs. Hull

This week, ILS Upper School Lead Teacher Mrs. Katherine Hull answers our "Six Questions." In addition to serving as Lead Teacher, Mrs. Hull teaches literature, logic, and art to our 5th through 8th grade students. Mrs. Hull earned a Bachelor of Arts from Patrick Henry College in the Classical Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Pedagogy, and minor studies in Literature, and is also a member of the Society for Classical Learning....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Mrs. Krumwiede

Our weekly "Curriculum Corner" offers ILS faculty an opportunity to highlight unique aspects of our classical, Christian curriculum and provide greater insight to what is happening in our classrooms. In this week's "Curriculum Corner," ILS 3rd grader teacher Mrs. Krumwiede discusses how she uses literature to introduce a science topic and spark student interest, engagement, and problem solving, as students figure out how we can tell the world is round....Read More

Six Questions with Miss Clevenger

This week, our ILS "Six Question" series continues with Upper School teacher Miss Clevenger. In her second year teaching at Immanuel, Miss Clevenger is our 5th and 6th grade homeroom teacher. She also teaches Grammar, History and Latin. Miss Clevenger earned her undergraduate degree from Hillsdale College and her Master's from St. John's College in Annapolis Maryland. She previously taught middle school at Tall Oaks Classical School in Delaware. Continue to read Miss Clevenger's "Six Questions" responses....Read More

Celebrating Advent at ILS

We are now in the season of Advent, and we invited our teachers to share how their classes are celebrating the season. The Latin meaning "coming into" turns our attention to the three-fold coming: Jesus' incarnation - coming into the world as a baby in Bethlehem; His coming at the end - to judge the living and the dead; and His present coming - in Word and sacrament for the forgiveness of our sins. At Immanuel, we will wait while the world begins Christmas celebrations. Instead we will pray, repent, and sing....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Mrs. Gorr

Each week we will be featuring a "Curriculum Corner" shared by one of the faculty at Immanuel. These will highlight different aspects of the classical curriculum at ILS and provide insight into what the various classes are learning throughout the school year. This week, Mrs. Gorr shares more about learning phonograms in first grade at Immanuel. ...Read More

Students versus Parents Soccer Game

This month in PE, our Upper School students have been practicing our soccer skills. The students have been working hard for the past few weeks on their dribbling, passing, and shooting. 'Creating space' when on offense has been a main focal point. To conclude our season of soccer, I wanted to organize a surprise "Big Game" for the students to demonstrate the skills they had been mastering in class....Read More

Six Questions with Miss Leithart

Our "Six Questions" series returns this week featuring our fourth grade teacher, Miss Leithart. This is Miss Leithart's second year teaching at Immanuel after previously teaching middle school in Ohio. Miss Leithart also teaches piano and enjoys singing in the Immanuel choir. Thank you to Miss Leithart for sharing her responses to our Six Questions!...Read More

Students Attend Bach Consort Noontime Cantata Concert Series

On December 2nd, for the third year in a row, ILS Upper School students took a field trip into the city to hear the Noontime Cantata Concert Series performed by the Washington Bach Cantata at the Church of the Epiphany. The featured Cantata was Sehet, welch eine Liebe, and featured Gi Young Kim on the organ playing Bach's Prelude and Fuge in E Minor, BWV 548....Read More

Thanksgiving Day of Service - Mercy Forever

Thank you families and students for the many ways you loved and served one another and the community around us on our annual Thanksgiving Day of Service. The entire student-body sorted and packed nearly 150 hygiene kits for the Orphan Grain Train, a Christian volunteer network that ships donated food, clothing, medical and other needed items to people in the United States and 64 countries around the world. Thank you families for providing so many of the needed supplies and to the PTL for purchasing the towels! All students had a chance to help assemble the kits, from the youngest student in Junior Kindergarten counting and wrapping band aids, to the older students in 5th through 8th grade who helped the lower school students assemble the right supplies and wrap and tie the bundles....Read More

ILS Book Fair at Barnes & Noble

The PTL invites families and friends to participate in the ILS Book Fair fundraiser in partnership with Barnes and Noble. Today (December 2) at the Potomac Yards location in Alexandria, and online until December 7 , Barnes and Noble will donate 10% of all designated sales back to ILS. Use ILS voucher number 11411204 online or in the store when you shop to credit ILS with the sale. This evening, from 4-10pm, ILS will have parent and student volunteers in the store offering free gift wrapping for any Barnes & Noble customer. Stop by and say hi! Need help with ideas for all the readers on your list? We invited the ILS faculty and staff to share some ideas for children and adults. We hope you enjoy their list!...Read More

One thing I'm thankful for...

As the ILS community prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives, we invited our faculty, our school board and the PTL executive board to share one thing they are thankful for this Thanksgiving....Read More

Immanuel's Football Team Braves the Cold

Saturday morning's cold temperatures couldn't stop the Immanuel Lutheran Church and School football team. Our team, lead by ILS upper school teacher Mr. Schultz and including several dads, teachers, teacher's husbands and congregants, took to the field for a rematch against the team from First Baptist, which Immanuel had first played a few weeks ago. Many ILS parents, teachers and students braved the cold to cheer on the team....Read More

Kindergarteners Learn Russian

Immanuel's Kindergarten students have been studying Russia, and today they enjoyed a special guest from 6th grader Olivia Minjack, who shared her knowledge of the Russian language and culture. Olivia speaks Russian, and prepared cards for the Kindergarten students with their names written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Students learned how some letters look the same in Russian and English, but that they sound very different. They all enjoyed practicing rolling their "Rs" for the Russian letter "P!" Olivia then impressed the class by reciting the Lord's Prayer entirely in Russian. ...Read More

ILS Annual Day of Service

A long-time annual tradition for the ILS community is to gather at the Thanksgiving holiday to remember our many blessings. "Mercy Forever" is our theme for our Annual Day of Service on Tuesday, November 25. The day will include opportunities for worship, presentations for parents, and acts service for our neighbor. Parents and friends are invited to participate in any/all of the day's activities....Read More

Music Moment with Miss German

By Miss Emily German, ILS Music Teacher Our Hymn of the Year, "I Bind unto Myself Today," sets the tone for our 70th academic year with strong and vivid imagery of the temporal and eternal blessings we receive when we "bind" this name, the name of the triune God, i.e. the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to everything we do as believers. Students across the grades have worked diligently in learning and memorizing the Hymn of the Year (also known with much endearment by some of the youngest as "that binding song," recognized whenever we cross our arms for the first motion!). That we may daily sing about our identity with the name of the Triune God is indeed a blessing and gift that we will gladly celebrate throughout the year....Read More

Polar Vortexes? Arctic Blasts? Blizzards? Snow Days? -- Special Guest Janice Dean Visits ILS

On Thursday, November 13, Immanuel Lutheran School welcomed special guest, Janice Dean, author and senior meteorologist for the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. With falling temperatures, and winter right around the corner, it was the perfect time to hear from a weather expert on the forecast for the winter months in the DC region....Read More

Immanuel Football Game Saturday

This past Saturday, Upper School teacher Mr. Schultz organized an adult football game for the ILS community. Teachers, faculty spouses, parents and congregation members joined in a spirited game in preparation for this coming Saturday's big game - a rematch against the same team we played several weeks ago. All in the ILS community are invited to come support the ILS team at the game this coming Saturday, November 22nd. The game will start at 9am at Clermont Elementary (5802 Clermont Drive, Alexandria). Families and students are invited to come cheer on our team!...Read More

ILS Parent Fall Social

On Friday, November 14th, the ILS PTL organized a wonderful Fall Parent Social for the community. Parents first had the opportunity to gather with parents and teachers in their students' classrooms, where they enjoyed fellowship and tasty treats (the Kindergarten class impressed everyone by bringing in Chick-fil-A!). The PTL also prepared a fun Quiz for classes to test their knowledge of ILS Trivia, as well as for parents to get a sampling of some of the many things ILS students are studying this year. If you missed the evening, or didn't get a copy of the Quiz, you can view it here!...Read More

Six Questions with Miss Fleming

This week, we continue our Six Questions interview series Immanuel's new Kindergarten teacher, Miss Fleming. Many returning ILS families may remember Miss Fleming, who student-taught at Immanuel during the 2013-2014 school year. Please join us in welcoming Miss Fleming back to Immanuel!...Read More

Art at UpCycle

Last week, Immanuel Lutheran School first and third grade students went on field trips to UpCycle in Del Ray for some fun art projects. ...Read More

Six Questions with Coach Sparks

Every week we feature a teacher or faculty member at Immanuel Lutheran School in our "Six Questions" interview series on our blog. This week we are featuring Coach Sparks, our new Lower School PE teacher. Please join us in welcoming Coach Sparks to ILS!...Read More

Lower School Open House Program

As we celebrated Reformation Day last Friday, Immanuel Lutheran School welcomed current parents, grandparents, and friends at a Lower School Open House program. Guests were invited to experience lessons, observe recitations, and view projects completed and presented by Lower School students. The morning began with an Open House format, where guests had the opportunity to visit classrooms, view classroom journals, talk with the teacher, and view examples of students' work from the first quarter of the school year....Read More

Living History

By Miss Molly Leithart, ILS 4th Grade Teacher History, though intrinsically valuable and worthy of study, can easily diminish in the classroom into a cycle of chapter readings and review questions. Amazing explorers who discovered rivers and waterfalls in unknown territories become names to memorize in a timeline of events and dates. Unsurprisingly, whenever I structure a history lesson in a predictable way, I gaze upon a sea of disillusioned and disappointed students. I’m not condemning a class structured around readings and questions, however, because that can force students to focus and find details in the text. But I want to excite my students’ interest and instill wonder at the men and women who shaped the world in which we live....Read More

Six Questions with Miss Kloha

Each week on the blog we feature a teacher or faculty member at Immanuel Lutheran School in our "Six Questions" interview series. This week, we hear from Miss Kloha, the Special Assistant to the Headmaster, who many of us recognize as the friendly face who greets students and families in the office each day....Read More

Hands-on Learning Outside the Classroom

ILS students have enjoyed the opportunity to experience some hands-on learning outside the classroom during several recent field trips. ...Read More

Upcoming School Open Houses

Immanuel Lutheran School is a classical, Christian Academy serving students in grades JK through 8 in Alexandria, Virginia. If you are interested in seeing for yourself what Immanuel has to offer, we would love for you to attend one of our open houses. Our next open house is scheduled for Thursday, November 6th starting at 9:00am at our campus on Russell Road. Reservations for our Open Houses are encouraged. If you would like to schedule a tour of the school, please contact the school office at 703-549-7323 or More

Conversation on Virtue

This morning, the ILS PTL welcomed parents for an excellent conversation on virtue, and what that looks like at Immanuel. Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Winterstein, our Upper and Lower School lead teachers, guided the discussion, starting with an overview of what virtue means for Christian families, and how this may differ from current cultural perspectives. As Mrs. Hull outlined, virtue is reflected in patience, honesty, humility and integrity. Historically, parents and schools have worked together to teach students to teach children virtue. This starts with teaching students to be humble, and thus opening themselves up to learning. Students must also be taught to be honest, and to embrace intellectual integrity. They must also be taught perseverance, even in the face of challenges and when things are difficult in their schooling....Read More

Six Questions with Vicar Griebenaw

Each week on the blog we plan to feature a teacher or faculty member at Immanuel Lutheran School in our "Six Questions" interview series. We are kicking off our "Six Questions" series with Vicar Griebenaw, our third-year seminarian who is serving our Immanuel community for the 2014-2015 school year. Vicar Griebenaw teaches 5th and 6th grade theology, and assists and/or leads our weekly school chapel services. We welcome Vicar Griebenaw, and his wife Holly, to ILS!...Read More

Field Trip to the King of the Instruments

By Mrs. Whitney Work, ILS Director of Advancement: Immanuel's youngest students recently took a "field trip" to learn more about the "King of the Instruments," the pipe organ. ...Read More

Train Up a Child....

By Ms. Julia Habrecht, ILS Headmaster As we heard from Pastor Esget during his Back to School Night remarks on Vocation and Virtue, both parents and teachers have important vocations and a role in the training of children. Faculty and staff have continued this discussion during our weekly meetings as we work to impart knowledge, wisdom, and virtue to your children We are committed to honoring you and your parental authority. As a community who cares deeply about one another, I invite you to join in ongoing conversation and learning about what it means to live out our vocation as teacher and parent in a classical Lutheran school. Watch the blog and newsletter for links to articles and opportunities, and join us for teacher and parent led discussions, including:...Read More

2nd Grade Crime Solvers

By Mrs. Katherine Winterstein, 2nd Grade Teacher The FBI paid a visit to the ILS 2nd grade this work, and enlisted some young recruits to help solve the mystery of some stolen cookies. While students had fun dusting for fingerprints, studying clues and solving the mystery, they also learned an important lesson in vocation from ILS parent and FBI agent, Michelle Taylor. ...Read More

Curriculum Corner with Mrs. Hull

By Mrs. Katherine Hull, Upper School Lead Teacher Recently, if you had walked into an Upper School classroom, you might have been dismayed to see some students carefully discussing magazine advertisements, watching commercials, and looking at periodical prints, just as any other kids might after school hours. Yet our students were not just ingesting these advertisements, but engaging in a class discussion to practice the skill of fallacy identification. This is a part of our dialectic or logic training this year to help students study fallacies....Read More

Worship Together

By Ms. Julia Habrecht, ILS Headmaster Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week! Why? Wednesday is the day we worship together as the school community. In the Venite (canticle) from Matins (service of morning prayer) we proclaim together, "O come, let us sing to the Lord, let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come into His presence with thanksgiving, let us make a joyful noise to Him with songs of praise." How blessed we are to use God's words from Psalm 95 to sing His praises....Read More