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How Reformation Christians View Saints

Reformation Christians honor the saints, but do not pray to them or worship them....Read More

Congratulations Pr. McClean!

Immanuel rejoices today at the anniversary of Pr. McClean's ordination....Read More

I am an introverted pastor, and I do NOT hate you

I am an introvert. Not shy, necessarily, but definitely an introvert. And I am fairly convinced that people (not Immanuel, per se, just Christians in general) expect their pastors to be extroverts. Happy in a crowd, super-friendly, bouncing from person to person, just eager to come to your next party. I've even gotten the impression in some churches and Christian gatherings that "real Christians" are extroverts. If you're not, something's wrong with you....Read More

2010 Pastoral Report

Report of the major events at Immanuel in 2010, given to the Voters Assembly on February 27, 2011....Read More

Piety (part one)

Worship at Immanuel is noted, for better or worse, as being sober, serious, solemn. Is this because the Holy Spirit is lacking? Pastor Esget explores this question....Read More