Archives for Jul 2015

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Reflection on Leisure by Mrs. Stone

Our summer series of faculty reflections on leisure continues today with an update from Mrs. Stone, our special assistant to the headmaster. Mrs. Stone shares how even when we plan for leisure, it doesn't always happen as we planned, and yet we can still find meaningful connection to higher things....Read More

A Pedagogy of Beauty

How is your summer going? Leisurely? Thanks to the ILS PTL and board, I was privileged to attend this year’s Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education conference in Dallas, where the singing was loud as the ‘ya’lls’ were resplendent. Aside from wonderful Matins and Divine Service, there was very little leisure. There was, however, good work to be done, tenets of classical Lutheran education to be remembered and challenging ideas to be discussed. ...Read More

Reflection on Leisure by Mr. Schultz

As we continue our series of faculty reflections on leisure, today we hear from Upper School teacher, Mr. Schultz. In his reflection on summer leisure, Mr. Schultz highlights how his vocation as husband and father, in addition to reading and thinking, provide moments of unique contemplation every day....Read More