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Immanuel Calls Sem. Peter J. Eckardt as Associate Pastor

Immanuel Calls Sem. Peter J. Eckardt as Associate Pastor...Read More

Alumna Profile: Caroline Yates

Do you ever wonder what our ILS alumni are up to now? Where are they in school? How do they feel ILS prepared them for high school and beyond? We've started a new series of Alumni Profiles, where we share some insights from some of our more recent graduates and how they are doing now. We're pleased to continue this series with Caroline Yates, ILS Class of 2014. Caroline writes, "I have had an amazing year at West Potomac High School. Besides doing well in all my honors classes, I managed Girls Volleyball in the fall, and I am currently managing Girls Soccer. Managing is a ton of fun; I get to handle all the paper work, keep the game book/stats, and I am counted as part of the team. I have also continued learning piano and participating in Girl Scouts by doing community service projects." Enjoy our latest Alumni Profile with Caroline!...Read More

Six Questions with Mrs. Cook

This week, our Six Questions are answered by a very special member of the Immanuel community. Mrs. Cook, who today welcomes students in the carpool line each Wednesday morning, has been a part of the Immanuel community for almost 75 years, ever since her family moved to Virginia in 1940. Alumni will remember Mrs. Cook from her years teaching at ILS, and she continues to serve on the ILS school board. We are so blessed to have Mrs. Cook as a part of our ILS community!...Read More

How to Find Your Vocation

What should you do with your life? Are your choices and actions aligned with God’s will? Are you ever restless, anxious, frustrated, or unfulfilled in the everyday stuff of life? Christians...Read More

Curriculum Corner: Math is Beautiful

Each week, our "Curriculum Corner" provides a look into our classrooms, and how our classical curriculum is implemented at each grade level. This week, Mr. Schultz, our Upper School Math Teacher, shares his insights on how math is beautiful, but also how he works to simplify math for students to help improve their understanding, allowing them to better see the inherent beauty in math....Read More

Curriculum Corner with Miss Leithart: Integrated Unity

Classical education understands all knowledge as unified and integrated. It nurtures and instructs the whole person insofar as you deal with not just technical but moral issues. In fourth grade, students learn to perceive this integrated unity even while practicing the technical aspects of writing....Read More

Six Questions with Miss Malcolm

Today, Miss Malcolm shares her responses to our Six Questions. A junior at Hillsdale College studying Philosophy and Politics, Miss Malcolm is joining us at ILS this semester for a Classical Education Apprenticeship. The second teaching apprentice we have hosted at ILS, Miss Malcolm is spending her time primarily teaching in our Upper School, with a focus on history....Read More

Six Questions with Miss Chin-Yee

This week, our Assistant Kindergarten Teacher, Miss Chin-Yee, tackles our Six Questions. Miss Chin-Yee graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, with an emphasis on Literature from Patrick Henry College; she also studied Mandarin Chinese at the Taiwan Normal University, and has since received a Bridge TEFL Certification. She is currently pursuing a Master of Education with an emphasis in Educational Therapy. She has previous experience teaching English as a second language, directing Immanuel's 2012 Latin Camp, and serving as a substitute teacher on campus. Miss Chin-Yee loves sharing her love of learning with our kindergarten students, as well as helping them to become strong readers and lovers of knowledge. ...Read More